The underground stand up comedy scene in Barcelona

Ah what do you know, it’s Summer again. We’re all ditching our jackets and running off to the beaches to enjoy the sun and wind. Well at least on days that don’t necessarily touch a whopping 35 degrees! So when that day comes, we’re all looking for places to hang out, and have some fun. And boy, oh boy, does Barcelona have just the activity for you. Amidst all the ancient buildings and architectural marvels hides Barcelona’s very own stand up comedy universe. A universe comprised of a very talented, funny few who have the exceptional skill of tickling your funny bone. So here are a few places where you could catch most, if not all of the talented bunch, ready to cool off some of that summer heat.

Casa Gracia

Casa Gracia is and will always be the home to Barcelona’s most infamous, comedy show, the Hush Hush stand up. Located in the heart of the city, Casa Gracia hosts some of the finest comedians in Barcelona. The quirky atmosphere it seems to invoke on first appearance, certainly serves as a precursor to what is to come, as once a month you are treated to the fabulous antics of Hannah and Lucy as they host their way through a roughly two hour night. The comedians are handpicked by the aforementioned, and thus you can expect consistency and quality every time around. So head on over to Casa Gracia for a fantastic night of laughter and fun.

Price : 5 euros/person


If curated, handpicked, comedy isn’t what you’re looking for, and are in the mood to find out what Barcelona’s comedians really do have to offer in their raw, unfiltered form, come on over to Imprfcto’s open mic nights. On every Thursday night (except the third one of every month), a little after 9, the Imprfcto comedy night pushes beyond the limits of what a regular stand up set can be. With everyone from amateurs to Americans to actual professionals, the show never ceases to surprise you. Almost every comedian in Barcelona whose made a name for themselves has performed at least once at Imprfcto, as it has always been a safe haven for the unique. With special events like a comedy version of the ever popular quiz to everything this side of the pond, Imprfcto can kick off an early weekend with a bang!

And to top it all off, the bar serves ice cold Belgian beers to beat the heat and almost alarmingly good Belgian fries that leaves the consumer wanting more. So if you’re looking for a way to beat the heat, while also help grow something heartwarming, come on over to Imprfcto and support the comedians of Barcelona at what they do best.

Price : Free

Craft Barcelona

If you lucked out on a Wednesday night, The Pumpage Network at Craft Barcelona, offers an amazing comedy show at 9pm. Right in the heart of the city, get ready to grab a craft beer and some of the delicious tapas on display and find yourself a seat to laugh your heart out. The majority of the comedians come from the USA, the home of stand-up comedy, but you’ll see English-speaking comics from all over the globe as well. In addition to the comedians from the local scene here in Barcelona, the night often includes surprise visits from professional comedians looking for new audiences to work their new material with. You never know when this could happen, so be sure to keep an eye out on Wednesday night for comedy at Craft!

Price : Free

I write short stories as a creative outlet, but I would love to have actually completed a screenplay.

I write short stories as a creative outlet, but I would love to have actually completed a screenplay.