What to do on a Monday night in Barcelona?

Aah, Mondays. The absolute blemish in an otherwise spotless week. We all undeniably dislike Mondays that mark the end of a wonderful weekend. But what if I told you that you could end your Mondays on a high? What if I told you that instead of getting off work and heading home to crash, what if you could emulate a Friday night on a Monday, and start your week off with a bang? Sure, you could go to a club and dance the night away. But what if you just wanna sit down, have a couple of drinks with a few of your closest friends, who are absolutely done with Monday too.

Well, here are a few places you could rant about your inconsiderate boss, unintelligible lecturer or overpriced travel agent to your best friend and let some steam off after a long hard day of work.


It’s quite hard to miss Imprfcto if you’re walking down the Parallel Avenue. It’s bright yellow logo can be seen from a mile away. A completely reasonable bar from the outside, you might say to yourself, but from the moment you decide to step in, prepare yourself to be blown away by the quirky and surreal design choices aimed at making you stop and wonder. From washing machine lights to phone booth restrooms, Imprfcto never ceases to surprise you every step of the way. All the fabulous and mesmerizing choices aside, Imprfcto is warm, cosy and accommodates large groups.

An entirely Belgian collection of beer, Imprfcto is a hail mary to all Belgian beer lovers across Barcelona. The ever expansive collection features classic Belgian beers like Stella Artois and La Chouffe on tap and incredibly popular beers such as Rochefort and Duvel in bottles directly imported from Belgium.

But if beer isn’t your thing, and just like Belgium for its fries, well Imprfcto’s got you covered. Authentic Belgian fries, cooked to perfection is served all night with a generous side of unparalleled sauces.

Monday nights, or as Max the owner, fondly calls it “Student Night” is a night for anyone from a college student on a budget to a classic Monday date night. The bar rocks classics from a variety of decades playing in the background and the atmosphere in there is unconditionally magnetic.

Furthermore, happy hour starts at 2130h on Mondays and lasts all night till 2330h. So head on over, try out the best Belgian beers you can get your hands on, and best of all, get two of them for the price of one!

George Payne Irish Pub

You’d be surprised by the number of people who’ve had the thought, “Hmm… It’s a Monday night. I wonder if any of the pubs around here have a beer pong tournament tonight?” Well, if you are one of the multitudes of people who’ve had the same thought, oh boy, does George Payne have something in store for you.

George Payne, the self-proclaimed “Best Irish Pub in Barcelona”, is undeniably convenient, located in Catalunya, the heart of Barcelona. If Guinness is your style and 80s British music is your jam, George Payne is the place to be on a Monday night.

The enormous interior, with three bars across two floors, George Payne may not have a staff that can connect with its customers the same way the previous bars could have. But what it lacks in personal connectivity, it makes up for in community events all across the week. Like people in Barcelona say, “There’s always something going on at The George Payne”. And one such event just so happens to be a beer pong tournament on Monday nights.

So grab your mates, and head on over down to George Payne, if you’d like to test your prowess in the fabulous game, that is, beer pong.


Coco Vail is a relatively new California-inspired bar, located on Carrer d’Arago in Eixample. If you’re American and love beer and chicken wings, and are looking for a quiet Monday night out, CocoVail’s got you covered.

The bar is a monumental achievement in aesthetic as it has been designed with a careful consideration on the history of California and its deep sunken roots.

Cocovail serves 50-cent chicken wings Monday nights from 7–10pm. They serve everything from Spanish to American IPAs, a quite respectable 24 beers on tap, and are definitely a spot to check out. And the best part is that if you are a student and can prove it with your student ID, you get a special discount!



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